“We Continue To Bet On Education, Science And Technology As We Develop”

President Alberto Fernandez presented the federal program “Build Science” and signed letters of intent with governors including Gustavo Melela from Tierra del Fuego.

Buenos Aires.- President Alberto Fernández, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmas and the governors on Friday signed a letter of intent for the receipt of 22 works of scientific and technical infrastructure at the Bicentennial Museum for a total of 9,900 million pesos. Within the framework of the federal program “Build Science”.

Daniel Films: “It is a matter of great pride to present a project related to building the future of the country”.

In addition, the national government, through the “Equiper Ciencia” scheme, will allocate an investment of 7,800 million pesos for the acquisition of 167 technical equipment for 60 national scientific and technical institutions located in 24 jurisdictions in the country.

“We continue to bet on education, knowledge, science and technology as development, and we continue to bet that it is not concentrated in the center of the country, but it is distributed across the country and across the country. Argentina can develop at the same time”, said the President, along with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur; the Under Secretary of Federalization, Luz Lardón; and the Under Secretary of Institutional Coordination, Pablo Nez.

"We continue to bet on education, science and technology as we develop" - El Sureno

In this context he continued: “I ask you to remember that I did not avoid any problems. I overcame debt (with private creditors), I had to discuss with the IMF and solve those problems. What the Monetary Fund generated, it was all in the middle of a pandemic that no one knew how to cope with.”

“We overcame the pandemic, we grew 10.3 percent, we created 1.2 million jobs, we reduced unemployment to less than 7 percent, the whole economy is growing, public works have stopped, housing construction has stopped nowhere. . And so we find that in May we grew 7.4 percent year-on-year,” he explained.

He also assured: “We are going to do everything in our power so that May’s growth of 7.4 per cent does not decline, so that job creation continues, so that the distribution bid this time is in favor of those who work and those needed the most.”

“I need you all to organize, an opportunity that Argentina has and which we should not lose. It is an opportunity to grow with the dignity it deserves and every Argentine, giving the knowledge, science and technology the space it deserves. puts it in the workplace”, he emphasized.

productive matrix

For his part, Minister Daniel Filmus assured that “it is a matter of great pride to present a project that has to do with building the future of the country, with the creation of science and technology, so that we really have an Argentina that solves the problems of its people, that it replaces the productive matrix, the export matrix and it becomes sovereign”.

“We are facing a government that has decided that the development model we aspire has two main characteristics: it thinks that Argentina’s competence, talent and work are the main axis of development, and research, Science and technology play a fundamental role. ”, commented the head of the scientific portfolio.

signatory governor

The agreement was personally signed by Governor Arabella Carreras (Rio Negro) and Governors Axel Kisilof (Prov. Buenos Aires), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Gildo Infran (Formosa), Sergio Ziliotto (La Pampa), Omar Perotti (Santa Fe) were done. , Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero), and Gustavo Melela (Tierra del Fuego). Deputy Governors Carlos Hakim (Jujuy) and Tucumán, Sergio Mancilla also participated, and for UBA, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Americana Cristofalo.

In addition, Governors Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), Oscar Herrera Ahuad (Missiones), Rodolfo Suárez (Mendoza) and Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos); and Antonio Marocco, the lieutenant governor of Salta.

some sounds

After signing, Governor Kisilof explained that “in Buenos Aires, the role, arrival and capillarity of both the university and scientific and technological research make a big difference in our province. This budget investment is necessary because we have many researchers who Due to lack of facilities, they do not stay at their original place.

For his part, Governor Ziliotto described the actions presented as “a policy that has to do with embracing science, technology and innovation to ultimately move out of this scheme of prioritization of the economy.” And he said the initiative marks the “deepening of a path from science and technology applied to production processes to value addition.”

Governor Carreras said the project to be developed in his province will “contribute to the training of our youth” and “has to do with the fact that this country, beyond its crises, knows how to sustain in the medium and long term” . – Term policies that have to do with the scientific, technological and educational developments that have made Argentina great and continue to make it great.

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