UW-Milwaukee joins Amazon tuition-aid program to serve new students

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this summer has joined a small group of other Wisconsin schools partnering with Amazon in a tuition-aid deal that could put more students in seats as the school tries to stem enrollment declines. 

The move makes sense for both sides, said Laura Pedrick, who leads UWM’s online education efforts and reached out to Amazon earlier this year about participating in the company program.

Amazon is up against a tight labor market and sees tuition assistance for its hourly employees as a retention tool, she said. 

UWM, which prides itself on enrolling a high number of low-income and first-generation students, knows how financial pressure can force some students to drop out or take longer to graduate. Amazon employees receiving up to $5,250 per year in tuition reimbursement from the company removes one of the biggest barriers to a college degree.

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