U.P. basic education dept to promote scientific temper among students

With a view to promoting scientific temper among students, the state basic education department will organise various events in Uttar Pradesh under the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) in 2022-23.

“There will be events like science exhibition at district level and science quiz competition at block level. Science kits will be provided to students in upper primary schools for developing models. To give more exposure, visits of 50 children per development block to top institutions within the state will be arranged,” said state basic education minister Sandeep Singh in a press release.

He said preparations were on for implementation of the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan in the districts as mandated in the annual action plan 2022-23 by the ministry of education, government of India. Singh further said at the block level, a science quiz competition will be organised under the block education officer in which questions based on reasoning, thinking and imagination will be asked. Outstanding performing students will be identified here, he added.

Participation in the science exhibition to be organised at district level will be decided on the basis of the winners/best performing children at the block level. Funds will be provided for making models to be displayed in the exhibition. Children should be given the said amount in cash during the quiz competition itself so that the models can be made in time. It will be the responsibility of the concerned headmaster and science teacher to help students in making models, the minister said.

The performance of the students in the quiz competition will be rewarded by a jury of experts by selecting the best performing children on the basis of excellence. For this, a three-member panel will be constituted at the development block level. Singh said a total of 100 children will participate in the district level science exhibition. The presence of the headmaster or science/mathematics teacher of the concerned school will be mandatory for the safe movement of children in the science exhibition and for providing support to them.

On the basis of the number of blocks in the district-level science exhibition, the number of children should be calculated for each block so that the target of 100 children could be fulfilled, he added. The participation of children in the district level science exhibition should be ensured according to the number of children who excel in the block level quiz competition. It will be the responsibility of the headmaster and the block education officer of the concerned school to ensure participation of the children.

The 10 best models will be awarded. The best 10 children participating in the science exhibition at the district level will be given a set of related books/science related material/ memento/ science kit and cash prizes etc. Only certificate will be given to all the children participating in the science exhibition to be organised at district level. Institutions working on issues related to science should also be invited to the exhibition and their requisite cooperation should be obtained.

Singh said by inviting district science clubs, awareness should be made to develop scientific consciousness among the children and cooperation should be obtained in forming separate science/mathematics clubs for teachers and students.

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