‘Race is a lie’ Hope panel explores race, racism

HOLLAND — A pair of Hope Higher education professors challenged group members to change the way they believe about race Wednesday night. 

Kevin Kambo and Matt Jantzen told an viewers at the Jack H. Miller Center for Audio that race is a lie, is not natural and is the result of a distorted entire world vision of 15th century Christians, amongst other discussion points. 

The discussion, titled in portion “How Christians Need to Feel about Race,” was moderated by Hope President Matthew Scogin, who mentioned it was meant to “model a conversation” for the public. To look at the full dialogue, visit the Hope College or university YouTube web site

Jantzen explained the most essential takeaway for the audience is that race is not a “natural and neutral descriptor” of men and women. 

“When we chat about race, we need to have to not go straight to contemplating of it as a neutral and purely natural demographic descriptor,” he stated. “There have generally been individuals with different quantities of pigmentation in their pores and skin. There has not always been race.

“If you acquire practically nothing else from tonight, when you think about race, when you assume about whiteness, never believe of it as a natural and neutral descriptor of biological home of a man or woman. Think of it as the social and cultural venture that it is, that emerged in the 15th century.”

Hope professor Kevin Kambo speaks during a panel discussion about race Wednesday, Sept. 8, while Hope President Matthew Scogin listens.

Kambo, who is from Kenya, issued a comparable declare, indicating he didn’t recognize he was viewed as Black until he arrived to the United States for higher education. 

“Kenya is a country that does not have a lot of Black persons simply because we really don’t mature up considering of ourselves as Black,” he claimed. “It was only when I came to the United States I recognized, ‘Oh, guess what? I am Black.’