NSU to prep future educators with tech skills for digital learning environments | News

Northeastern State University pledges to prepare educators with the skills to successfully use technology for learning in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms.

NSU has signed the EPPs for Digital Equity and Transformation Pledge, a partnership between the U.S. Department of Education and the International Society for Technology in Education.

“Our College of Education has always strived to be innovative in the educational technology strategies provided to our teacher candidates,” Associate Dean of the College of Education Dr. Lisa Bisogno said. “Now more than ever, it is crucial to instruct our future teachers how to bridge the technology equity gap of which our teacher preparation programs will vow to continue to implement.”

An example of NSU’s innovative approach to educational technology strategies is its robotics program and science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics – STEAM – Maker labs. Bisogno said these programs are embedded within the institution’s teacher preparation programs and are also available for use to financially strapped school districts to implement similar STEAM programs.

In addition, the college offers an online teaching option through its Master of Education in Instructional Leadership program and a graduate level online teaching embedded certificate.

“Students learn how to create an equitable online learning community through both these programs,” said Bisogno. “Our undergraduate teacher preparation programs are in the process of developing online teaching pedagogical strategies, so all teacher candidates graduate with the adaptability to teach face-to-face or online.”

By signing the pledge, NSU joins 32 institutions committed to preparing teachers to thrive in digital learning environments, to use technology to pursue ongoing professional learning, to apply frameworks to accelerate transformative digital learning, equipping all faculty to continuously improve expertise in technology for learning, and collaborating with school leaders to identify shared digital teaching competencies.

“Knowing how to use technology to support student learning is an essential skill for any teacher to thrive in a post-COVID world,” said Richard Culatta, CEO of ISTE. “I’m thrilled that Northeastern State University is committed to embedding tech skills into their program so all NSU teacher candidates will be prepared to hit the ground running.”

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