Hump Working day Hustle: Nwora, Davis, Vax & Layla

How about my principal male?

My most favoritist Louisville Cardinal hoopster . . . at any time? Effectively, just about.

In any case, increase this to Jordan Nwora’s resumé: NBA Winner.

Good for him.

Go Dude!

* * * * *

Talking of former U of L Playing cards who hit the jackpot.

How about Henry Davis?

The #1 decide on in the MLB Draft signed on to the Pittsburgh Pirates for a interesting $6.5 million.

Brother, can you mortgage me a dime?

* * * * *

When I attended kindergarten at Belknap Elementary, I had to be vaccinated from all types of things. I bear in mind going to the Armory with my mom, for the polio vax on a sugar dice.

Every single state however has required vaccinations in advance of a child can sit in course and start to find out how to read. Diptheria. Measles. Rubella. Rooster Pox. Hepatitis B in just about every state besides Alabama. Other people.

So, given how this complete COVID vaccination system has turned regrettably into a political football, and the repercussions are setting up to kick in, I assumed I’d inquire how the athletic division at the College of Louisville is carrying out on this entrance?

To locate out regardless of whether they are remaining as vigilant on the Belknap Campus as I experienced to be at Belknap Elementary?

I emailed Senior Affiliate Athletic Director Kenny Klein, who is the Gold Standard when it arrives collegiate information directors.

My simple question: “Would enjoy mastering what percentage of Cardinal athletes, coaches and team are vaccinated for just about every of the men’s and women’s sports? Are people numbers offered?”

His straightforward response: “I’m sorry, but I do not have that data.”

Kenny’s a pro’s professional. If he states he does not have that details, I have no explanation by any means to doubt him.

How disturbing that the school isn’t preserving keep track of.

Let us preserve our fingers crossed that the numbers are truly significant, ideally near to or at 100%. And that there aren’t any shutdowns during the forthcoming seasons.

* * * * *

Ok, this has nothing to do with athletics, but I cannot enable myself.

I have been addicted to rock & roll considering that the mid 50s. I attended my very first concert in the summer season of ‘62, and have attended, what, 1000’s? since then. I am blessed to have read dwell just about every person of significance by way of the decades.

Various summers back again, Tedeschi Vans Band joined with Trey Anastasio at the Lock’n Pageant and performed the entirety of “Layla and Other Assorted Really like Music.”

I was not existing at the pageant. But a CD of the gig, “Layla Revisted,” has just been launched.

I think it to be the ideal reside set of audio I’ve at any time listened to, either in human being or recorded.

Felt compelled to share.

— c d kaplan